Mexico Route 1 "Euro" Stickers


This is a bit of a repost from my old blog but I recently got an order for four of these so I want to make sure to put the info up here as well. And I don’t want sell them through Amazon…You’d have to print thousands of these at a time to produce them cheap enough to offset the percentage of your sales that Amazon would take so I’ll sell them here as I always have in small batches. One item of change I have recently made to the design is in the movement of the “1” slightly to the left to make it appear more centered—in actuality the image of the “1” to the left IS centered based upon the flying tail at the top of the 1 and a number of Mexican road signs use the same centering method…however…centering the 1 based upon the “pillar” of the 1 and ignoring the flying tail I think gives it the appearance of being better centered and there are roadsigns that use that method as well…so I’ve made an artistic decision (sarcasm here) and gone with what I think is the better looking version. Let me know if you want to see what one looks like in this way and I can grab a shot of one.

Introducing the first real product from NISMOStuff Racing.  Not exactly a hardcore fabrication product but after racing down the Baja in this years NORRA 1000 (this was 2014) I knew I had to have these made.

Anyone who has driven Mexico 1 down the Baja Peninsula knows exactly what I'm talking about.  Military checkpoints, agricultural checkpoints, scores of dead bodies both animal and sometimes human, rampaging 18 wheelers, never ending construction zones, incredible roadside taco stands, friendly locals, slide-rule straight sections of highway, non-existent breakdown lanes, mangled guardrails, turquoise blue waters--there is nothing like it.

When I got home I knew I wanted something on my daily driver commemorating the trip and representing the difficulties involved in just traveling that road.  So I looked online...there a handful of places that sell similar Mexico Route 1 vinyl stickers for vehicles but none seemed to use the correct font or design to appear authentic.  So the above was designed and I had the result printed at a local car wrap facility using quality 3M vinyl.  The stickers are 3.25"s by 2.42"s.

I am selling them at this point for $5 inclusive of shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  The simplest way to purchase one or more is simply send me your mailing address along with an appropriate Paypal payment to:

They will ship the next business day after any order.  If Paypal doesn't work for you, just drop me a line at the same email address and I'm sure we can work something out (Square, Venmo, paper check, etc.)  Get your Mexico Route 1 vehicle sticker now--either for yourself or to hand out to the ever rabid Baja "steeker hunters"!!